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Craftsman styled homes feature natural materials with exteriors consisting of wood siding and stone. Other elements may include shed dormers, exposed beams or rafter ends and overhanging eaves.

French Country homes have their roots in the sunny hillsides of rural France. This style is broad and includes looks that fit into both humble farmhouses as well as grander chateaus. In general, the style is rustic, warm cozy and appealing.

The relaxed Mediterranean-style home is characterized by strong colors and natural materials. Textural contrasts, stone, tile, and stucco are the hallmarks of this unpretentious style.

Old World Style is one of the fastest-growing trends in exterior home designs. This design is associated with heavy brocade stucco, a dramatic, large entry, earth tones with tone-on-tone, and natural materials such as real clay tile roofs.

Inspired by styles as different as simple adobe houses and as complex as the Baroque missions of the U.S. Southwest, this style is characterized by arched openings, structures with flat or low pitched roofs, stucco-covered stone or brick walls, verandas and courtyards.

This contemporary earthy style is applied to a variety of floor plans. Using natural materials and combined with modern architecture provides an earthy, welcoming atmosphere.

The Traditional-styled home draws upon old-fashioned Southern architecture with deep front porches, high ceilings, tall windows and classic architectural detailing.
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